Wednesday, 12 December 2012

I'm BACK!!!!!

Ok, so I haven't updated my blog for a few years, so there are quite a lot of things I need to cover. Here is a brief overview.

Firstly, this is beautiful me, aged 5 and three-quarters.

Secondly, this is my new brother, Oliver, and me looking less than impressed by his arrival.

I have been living back in the UK for nearly 2 years now. I go to school - I am a 'Kingfisher' which is a class for children with complex needs, such as myself, within a mainstream school called Manor Fields in Salisbury. School is my most favourite thing in the entire world. The teachers do occasionally become selfish and decide to take a holiday. I categorically DO NOT LIKE this and think teachers should never ever be allowed holidays. Mummy tends to agree with me on this. Auntie Lucy, however, would probably disagree, seeing as she is a teacher.

I started to walk properly when I returned to England. Mummy seems to think this is partly to do with the fact that there are carpets on the floor here, not the nasty marble floors that Singaporeans seem to favour. Since I started school I have built up lots of muscles in my legs as I love to run around with the older children at playtime. I also go swimming every week  - I am able to swim on my back with a float, which is a great achievement, I do also tend to swallow half the pool, which is not. Since moving back to England I have discovered that I, too, am a talented equestrian like my mummy, and go horse riding every week. In fact it was only today that I played 'Mary' in the Wilton Riding for the Disabled nativity. Mummy decided to sit 3 rows back in the audience and, due to her short stature, I could not see her and got a bit upset during my starring role. However I managed to calm myself down and even the vicar commented on the fact that he was glad to see that Mary had recovered from her 'post-natal depression'. Whatever that means.

Mummy calls me Little Miss Chatterbox as I do like to talk. A lot. And this has come as a big surprise to my Mummy as she was told by some silly dr's that I would have communication problems. Ha, what do they know eh?

And seeing as I have so much to say, I am very hopeful that I should be able to keep this blog a little bit more up to date. I'm pretty sure it wont take me another 2 years to fill you in on all of my news.

Monday, 12 October 2009

Time for an update???

Hi folks

My Mummy would like to apologise for not updating my blog for 8 months. Yes, that's right, 8 MONTHS! Now you may wonder what on earth she has been doing that has kept her so busy? Well she decided to give me a little brother! Charlie was born on the 18th June 2009 and I love him very much. Well, most of the time. He does tend to demand attention which I find hugely annoying and I have been letting Mummy and Daddy know that I am annoyed quite a lot lately. In fact, Mummy says I cry more than Charlie does.
So I suppose you would like to know what I've been up to since my last post? Here's a summary:
1) Nana and Grandad came to stay
2) I had my second birthday
3) Mummy was told I would need surgery on my eye
4) I decided to stop sitting up again
5) My Physiotherapist got me to walk with assistance
6) I worked out how to sit up on my own
7) Mummy was told I did not need surgery on my eye
8) I started an Early Intervention class at a school called Genesis
9) Mummy finally found a main-stream nursery that would take me
10) I worked out how to crawl, but now refuse to walk!
11) Auntie Lucy moved to Singapore - HOORAY!
12) Grandma and Grandpa came to stay

I've had a very busy few months as you can see. Mummy has promised to try and update this blog a bit more often for me but I have been told I need to cooperate and stop having so many tantrums so she has time to do it!


Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Sitting up isn't that bad.....I suppose

After a 2 month blogging-break, I'm back!! I don't know if you've realised, but Mummy types this blog for me as I'm still learning. As she has had one hand permanently behind me for the last 2 months to stop me from falling backwards, she has been unable to type as well.

But I decided last week that the novelty of spending most of the day on my back was wearing thin and rediscovered the sitting position. Mummy and Daddy were so pleased about this that they booked a long weekend in Phuket to celebrate.

The last time I went to the beach I wasn't very impressed - that sand stuff felt weird and I didn't like touching it, I even tried eating it and that wasn't great either. However, this weekend I felt WET sand for the first time. It's BRILLIANT! You can dig holes in it, throw it, cover your legs in it.............but it still doesn't taste very good.

Now you may notice from this photo, I have realised the benefit of wearing sunglasses. I could actually play with both hands rather than having to use one hand to keep the sun out of my left eye. And I think I look pretty cool too.

I'm really looking forward to all of the visitors arriving over the next few months - Auntie Hannah and Uncle Kaine, Nana and Grandad, and Great Uncle Ollie and Great Auntie June. I'm hoping that I'll get LOADS of attention, especially as it's my birthday next month. Mummy's even threatening to bake a cake. Uh-oh.

Saturday, 29 November 2008

Nasty needles and christmas trees!


This week I put Mummy and Daddy through a very traumatic experience. I faked having a tethered spinal cord. The dr's and Mummy and Daddy believed me and even went to the extent of making me have an MRI scan. Now there was one fatal flaw to my evil plan.......I didn't realise that I would need to be hooked up to a drip which involved a needle being stuck in my hand. And my arm. And my ankle. And my foot. Yep, that's right, the stupid dr's couldnt find a vein. But i had a nice sleep and Mummy and Daddy got a cd-rom of my MRI as a souvenir.

Daddy has been desperate to celebrate christmas and was finally allowed to buy a christmas tree this weekend.

I had hold of the instructions and gave him direction as he assembled it....

"Errrrr, left a bit, and Daddy your pants are showing"

"Yeah the lights look good, but your pants are still showing..."
The finished tree. Hooray, Christmas has arrived in Singapore!

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Indoor playground?!

Hi folks

I wanted to show you how I can crawl down the rather large slide that is taking up a lot of room in our apartment.

I'd quite like to go down the slide the conventional way but apparently this way is better for strengthening my upper body. It's always nice to get to the bottom and find my Beba waiting for me.

Mummy bought me this new outfit at the weekend. Unfortunately she didn't really think it through properly as it's mainly white in colour and I love orange food, uh-oh.

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

My holiday in France

I had a wonderful time in France with Mummy, Daddy, Grandma, Grandpa, Nana, Grandad and Uncle Jay.

We flew to Amsterdam, waited there a few hours, boarded a flight to Toulouse, got diverted, landed in Carcassone, got a coach back to Toulouse, then drove 3 hours to La Reynie. I ran out of food on the second flight so was starving by the time I arrived at Granny and Grandads house - poor planning on Mummys behalf I think.

We flew all the way with KLM and I have to tell you about something that happened on the flight to Amsterdam that I hope will put anyone reading this off flying with them. The conversation between Mummy and the air steward went like this:

" Please can I have a bassonet for my daughter"

" There is a weight limit of 9kg for bassonets"
" That's ok, she weighs 8.4kg"
" There's no way an 18 month old child weighs less than 9kg"

" She has a medical condition that means she is small for her age"

" You're lieing. I'm not listening" (Walks off).

Mummy is obviously extremely angry about this and has complained to KLM but not heard back this space.
I made a new friend in France - Bella. She was slightly larger than me (see photos below) but we definately had a connection. I loved her so much I practiced saying her name over and over again, even in my sleep....Beba, Beba, Beba,'s hard to make the 'll' sound you know.

I also accompanied Mummy and Daddy on lots of long lunches. People in France seem to have 6 or 7 courses for lunch, and a glass of wine with each course. Mummy and Daddy like this way of life although they are on strict diets since returning to Singapore.This is me doing an impression of what happens to Mummy when she drinks wine at lunch time.

And when Daddy drinks wine at lunchtime he becomes very, very happy.....
It was lovely to see all my grandparents again and I hope I don't have to wait too soon until they come and visit me in Singapore, I have lots of places I can't wait to show them, like the East Coast Park where we can hire bikes...or the fantastic Singapore Zoo where we can look at monkeys.....

......ride on swings.....
......and practice walking in the chidrens paddling pool!

Monday, 15 September 2008

I'm on the move - well, a little bit!

Hello folks

I just had to write to let you know that I managed to pull myself down a slide on my tummy today. Not once, but FOUR TIMES!! And I didn't have my usual crying fit, I actually was very very pleased with myself when I got to the bottom and asked for 'MORE"! I've been having physio twice a week lately and it seems to be paying off. I'm much stronger now, I just have to work on holding my head up for a bit longer. Do you know what evil Mummy did yesterday? She made me watch a whole episode of In The Night Garden on my tummy so I had to keep my head up. Honestly, I just want to watch Upsy-Daisy in peace.

I'm flying to France on Wednesday so will have lots of exciting stories to tell when I get back.