Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Sitting up isn't that bad.....I suppose

After a 2 month blogging-break, I'm back!! I don't know if you've realised, but Mummy types this blog for me as I'm still learning. As she has had one hand permanently behind me for the last 2 months to stop me from falling backwards, she has been unable to type as well.

But I decided last week that the novelty of spending most of the day on my back was wearing thin and rediscovered the sitting position. Mummy and Daddy were so pleased about this that they booked a long weekend in Phuket to celebrate.

The last time I went to the beach I wasn't very impressed - that sand stuff felt weird and I didn't like touching it, I even tried eating it and that wasn't great either. However, this weekend I felt WET sand for the first time. It's BRILLIANT! You can dig holes in it, throw it, cover your legs in it.............but it still doesn't taste very good.

Now you may notice from this photo, I have realised the benefit of wearing sunglasses. I could actually play with both hands rather than having to use one hand to keep the sun out of my left eye. And I think I look pretty cool too.

I'm really looking forward to all of the visitors arriving over the next few months - Auntie Hannah and Uncle Kaine, Nana and Grandad, and Great Uncle Ollie and Great Auntie June. I'm hoping that I'll get LOADS of attention, especially as it's my birthday next month. Mummy's even threatening to bake a cake. Uh-oh.


Princess Abigail said...

Wow a new posting at last!!! Welcome back to the blogging world Izzie! SOOOOOOOOO nice to see your cute little noggin again!

I can imagine JUST how over-the-moon you and your Mum and Dad must be feeling about your new perspective on the world now .... sitting up is so much more fun isn't it??? And you do like you are having spiffing fun there on the beach - you DO look terribly 'OK Yaah'. Must be your parents influence darling ...

Now that your Mum has her two hands back, tell her to tell us more about you more often! The Bernard Bunch LOVES hearing all your news! Also, I have a huge great yellow Tellytubbie rucksack thing for you all packed up and ready for delivery ... cos you won the competition, remember? Well that poor canary died, but we hava new yellow one and he's called Custard-in-memory.


Huge snogs to your Mum too - have you asked her about the bun lately?

Nana said...

Hi Isabelle

You look so cool in your sunglasses, you and Grandad will look cool together as he has a new pair too!! You looked like you were having such fun SITTING in the sand-so much better than lying down all the time!! Grandad and I are counting the days until we see you again (24) and of course your lovely Mummy and Daddy. Grandad is really looking forward to that Birthday Cake!! Until then take care and we send all our love to you. xxxxxxxxxputrou

Princess Abigail said...

Hey Callie ... thought you might find this site interesting :

Hows the up-the-spoutness? Can you update your blog and tell us all? Do I sound bossy? Gosh, must learn to master that.

Huge snogs!