Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Hello and Welcome!

Hello everybody and welcome to my blog. I've been pestering Mummy to set this up for me for ages, but it's taken a big kick up the bottom from Abigails Mummy to get her to do it, so a BIG THANKYOU to Alison.
My clever Daddy has got a new job in Singapore so we will be moving out there very soon, maybe even by the end of June if we can get all of our things shipped out there quickly. I think I will need a boat all to myself for all my clothes and toys.

I have promised Mummy that I will try and keep my sunglasses and sunhat on when we get out there, I'm just pretending not to like them at the moment. This is the face I pull when Mummy gets them anywhere near me...

We are flying to Boston next week to visit Auntie Lucy. I haven't been on an airplane before and can't decide if I will scream all the way there or sleep. I'll let you know what I decide. This is me with Auntie Lucy last summer when it hadn't occured to me that hats can actually be removed from my head.

Watch this space, there will be new photos of me with Auntie Lucy coming soon!