Friday, 29 August 2008



I must apologise for the lack of photos in this post, I have been promised that we will be going shopping for a new camera tomorrow so you will be able to see pictures of my beautiful face again!

This week I have visited the Botanical Gardens twice. Mummy was so impressed with it at the weekend that she took me back there again yesterday on her own. She was very silly and forgot to wear insect repellant and had her ankles eaten. Haha I didn't get bitten at all, I don't think mosquitos like the taste of me as I haven't been bitten at all since I've been out here.

Today I had another physio session with Shalini. Mummy thinks she's great but I think she's evil. She made me go down a slide on my front 3 times. I spent the whole hour screaming in protest but Mummy thinks it is doing me good and helping me build my muscles.

We are visiting the Indigo Pearl in Phuket this weekend. Mummy and Daddy have been telling me about what a great place it is and how I'll love the beach. I'm packing my beach tent and bucket and spade. Mummy and Daddy are hoping the hotel has a baby-sitting service.

Then on the 17th Spetember I am going on a long flight to France to see Nana, Grandad, Grandma and Grandpa, oh and Uncle Jay and my Sandy dog!

Can I please make a plea to Nana Scammell? I haven't had any white chocolate buttons since I got here......please can you bring some to France for me........but don't tell Mummy and Daddy, they think they are bad for my teeth.

I had to have my BCG injection when I got to Singapore and the lump it left has gradually been getting bigger and bigger over the last few months and it actually exploded yesterday (sorry if you're eating whilst reading this) and it's really really painful. Oh yes, another plea to Nana Scammell - please can you bring some Nurofen Orange sachets to France too? I think they are yummy and they send me to sleep which Mummy thinks is a bonus.

I finished my Kindermuzic course today and got my first ever certificate! I've loved going every Friday, banging on drums, shaking bells, dancing (well Mummy was dancing, I was being carried). I hope I get to go again as I really loved it. Mummy has said that I need to walk before I can go again as her back will break if she has to carry me any more.

That's all my news for this week - Ill make sure that there are some photos of me on here soon, enjoying the sun (it's rainy season) in Phuket. Byeeeeeeeeeee.

Saturday, 2 August 2008

My new home


My Mummy apologises for not updating this page for a long time. She doesn't have a camera at the moment so had to get Daddy to use his camera phone so we can show you our new home.

I've been here 2 days now and there's been a lot of unpacking going on around me and loads of moving boxes - mainly into the spare room so I hope noone is planning to stay here soon. It's official, my parents are hoarders!

The floor is all shiny and hard and I really don't want to hit my head so I spend a lot of time on my shaggy rug.

Mummy and Daddy are taking me for a swim in the pool tomorrow - hooray I love swimming! This photo only shows half of the swimming pool - it's huge.

Mummy says she'd have an asthma attack if she had to swim one length of it. Daddy says they'd send the whale rescue team to the pool if he got in it.

This is my bedroom - it's much bigger than my old bedroom which is great because I can have all of my toys out, and I have a LOT of toys.
Mummy thinks I'm spoilt but I can't help it if people think I'm worth spoiling.

I definately approve of my new room because I have had no problems sleeping in there at all ( Mummy says PHEW!).

I borrowed Daddy's camera earlier to catch Mummy doing what she does best.........

Yes, that's right, she found the wine shop yesterday and I don't think this lot will last for long.

Mummy (whilst sober) has promised that she will update my blog a bit more often in future so please come back soon!