Saturday, 28 June 2008

We've arrived!

I have officially been a resident of Singapore for 3 days now and BLIMEY it's hot. Mum and Dad seem to think the weather's lovely but I'm sweating my nappy off.

I was great on the flight, sleeping most of the way, just making the occassional cry to make sure Mummy and Daddy were awake. Hee hee - well they deserved it, look what they were going to do......

I nearly rang Childline, but apparently it was a joke - hilarious.
The first thing I did when I arrived was get my hair cut. I found a great hairdresser, just for kids, where the nice lady put a Bob The Builder DVD on for me to watch while she chopped my hair and got rid of the ridiculous haircut Mummy gave me last month. They gave me a 'before' and 'after' photo but personally I can't see much difference. What do you think?

Mummy says you can tell the difference from behind - well what use is that, I can't see it?

We are staying in a serviced apartment until we find a permanent home. I like it because it has nice soft carpet - unlike the rough, dog-hair covered carpet in my old house. But all I hear is Mummy moaning about the size of the kitchen. I don't see the problem, do you?

Seeing as Mummy is VERY keen to move out of the apartment and find a permanent home I'm sure I will post an update shortly telling you all about our 3 day house hunting expedition and where we will be living.

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

My trip to Boston

I got back from America yesterday and, although I have jet-lag, I thought I'd let everyone know what a fantastic time I had.

The airplane was brilliant, I didn't stop smiling for the entire 6 hour flight and the other passengers on the plane kept telling my Mummy and daddy how well-behaved I was.
I met Auntie Lucy's cats - Buster and Tallulah. Tallulah seemed to take a shine to me but Buster kept out of my way - I don't know why, I only wanted to pull his tail.I learnt to wave on holiday, and so I did it almost non-stop for 2 days. I even waved at the gorillas at the zoo, but they didn't wave back, how rude.
We went to the beach at Cape Cod but despite the blue sky, it was very cold so we didn't stay too long. I'm still not happy about wearing sunglasses or hats - they just aren't as effective as putting my hands over my eyes. Only problem is, I can't really see anything.

Auntie Lucy spent ages cooking food for me before my visit but I wasn't too keen (sorry Auntie Lucy), I much preferred whatever Mummy and Daddy were eating and ordered my own pasta meals in restaurants - easy to swallow whole without chewing. I hate chewing.

And there was cheesecake - Mummy thought by placing it in front of me and taking a photo it would look like I was eating it, when actually she was stuffing her face and has come back from Boston 2 stone heavier.
We are going to France in a few days time to take my dog, Sandy, to live with Grandma and Grandpa in France. I'm very sad as she is my most favourite thing in the whole world. Bye bye Sandy, I promise I'll visit you loads.

Then when we get back from France I'll be preparing for the big move - I've already been reading up on my new home....