Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Indoor playground?!

Hi folks

I wanted to show you how I can crawl down the rather large slide that is taking up a lot of room in our apartment.

I'd quite like to go down the slide the conventional way but apparently this way is better for strengthening my upper body. It's always nice to get to the bottom and find my Beba waiting for me.

Mummy bought me this new outfit at the weekend. Unfortunately she didn't really think it through properly as it's mainly white in colour and I love orange food, uh-oh.


Auntie Luchie said...

Hi beautiful Isy,

You clever girl, I don't think I could go down a slide that way!!

I'm very glad to see that you and Beba are such good friends. She told me in the shop that she wanted to live with someone who would take very good care of her and love her. I couldn't think of anyone better than you!

Have fun on your slide :-)

lots of love to you and Mummy and Daddy too

Auntie Luchie

Nana said...

Hello Isabelle

What a clever girl, you'll soon be whizzing around that lovely apartment, then Mummy and Daddy better look out!! I think you new outfit is gorgeous and I just love those pigtails!!

Grandad and I have booked our aeroplane tickets so can't wait to come out and see you all-until then, keep up the good work!

All our love from Nana & Grandad xxx

Princess Abigail said...

Oh my, Izzie, how beautiful you are! You are growing into a truly stunning princess!!!

That slide looks really funky .... can I come and play too?

Are you coming to this part of the world for christmas????