Wednesday, 12 December 2012

I'm BACK!!!!!

Ok, so I haven't updated my blog for a few years, so there are quite a lot of things I need to cover. Here is a brief overview.

Firstly, this is beautiful me, aged 5 and three-quarters.

Secondly, this is my new brother, Oliver, and me looking less than impressed by his arrival.

I have been living back in the UK for nearly 2 years now. I go to school - I am a 'Kingfisher' which is a class for children with complex needs, such as myself, within a mainstream school called Manor Fields in Salisbury. School is my most favourite thing in the entire world. The teachers do occasionally become selfish and decide to take a holiday. I categorically DO NOT LIKE this and think teachers should never ever be allowed holidays. Mummy tends to agree with me on this. Auntie Lucy, however, would probably disagree, seeing as she is a teacher.

I started to walk properly when I returned to England. Mummy seems to think this is partly to do with the fact that there are carpets on the floor here, not the nasty marble floors that Singaporeans seem to favour. Since I started school I have built up lots of muscles in my legs as I love to run around with the older children at playtime. I also go swimming every week  - I am able to swim on my back with a float, which is a great achievement, I do also tend to swallow half the pool, which is not. Since moving back to England I have discovered that I, too, am a talented equestrian like my mummy, and go horse riding every week. In fact it was only today that I played 'Mary' in the Wilton Riding for the Disabled nativity. Mummy decided to sit 3 rows back in the audience and, due to her short stature, I could not see her and got a bit upset during my starring role. However I managed to calm myself down and even the vicar commented on the fact that he was glad to see that Mary had recovered from her 'post-natal depression'. Whatever that means.

Mummy calls me Little Miss Chatterbox as I do like to talk. A lot. And this has come as a big surprise to my Mummy as she was told by some silly dr's that I would have communication problems. Ha, what do they know eh?

And seeing as I have so much to say, I am very hopeful that I should be able to keep this blog a little bit more up to date. I'm pretty sure it wont take me another 2 years to fill you in on all of my news.

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